1. Cascade Martial Arts Karate Jedi Camp Participants with their lightsabers
  2. Students of Cascade Karate Club Martial Arts ready to walk in the fourth of July parade
  3. Cascade Karate Martial Arts spraying water on parade watchers during the fourth of july parade
  4. Girl Scouts from Easter Iowa learn Self Defense and how to avoid being a target for Bullies from Cascade Karate Martial Arts
  5. Girl Scout from Eastern Iowa being grabbed from behind by fellow Girl Scout and Red Belt at Cascade Karate Martial Arts to learn how to get out
  6. Cascade Karate Martial Arts member in sparring gear ready to face off with opponent for Trophy at Dyersville Karate Club Tournament
  7. Two Young ladies from Cascade Karate Martial Arts show of their trophies from the Dyersville Karate Club Tournament
  8. Master Rohr the Cascade Karate Martial Arts Master contemplating her judging duties at tournament
  9. Students of Cascade Karate Martial Arts showing their mothers grandmothers and step mothers what they have learned
  10. Two teenage students outside in parking lot practicing Arnis Kali Fighting Stick at Cascade Karate Martial Arts
  11. Students of Cascade Karate Martial Arts showing their fathers grandfathers step fathers what they have learned
  12. Six students of Cascade Karate Martial Arts standing in front of American and Korean flags with their newly awarded belts for advancement

Self Defense, Fitness, Peace of Mind

The Traditional Karate Club of Cascade (Originally known as Cascade Karate Club) has been training students in martial arts   for over 10 years in a safe and friendly environment on 1st ave in Cascade Iowa.

Tang Soo Do is a traditional martial art based on discipline and respect for all life.   Tang Soo Do is very much a personal art and we focus on encouraging personal growth instead of comparisons between students.  
As  martial art practitioners, we are striving to maintain traditional values of respect, discipline, self-control, self-improvement, etiquette and ultimately to live a healthy and harmonious life, both physically and mentally.

If you have ever thought about being a "Karate Kid", dreamt of kicking like Chuck Norris, want to learn self-defense, or become more flexibile and physically fit, Now is the time to do so.  

Not sure yet?  Click here to learn more about Why You or your child should study Martial Arts!

Children 4 and above, Women and Men of all ages, body types, and experiences are welcome!​

Classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursday nights.  Classes for young students (4 year olds) and those wishing private lessons are held by appointment.

 You are welcome to come visit a class at No Charge and see for yourself!

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